Artist statement (maybe?)

I often feel like I stand between two worlds, one being the respectable, structured, everyday world that the majority of society inhabits. The other is what is pushed into crevices, nooks, and shadows, what does not have a place in the idea of a good society. Much of my creative work aims to explore experiences and emotions from these margins. To process and express my own feelings about the experiences I have had, but also to leverage my position between these worlds to reach deeper and amplify voices that rarely get the opportunity to exist in the respectable space.

It tends to take shape through industrial materials such as concrete, iron, and plastic. Where I explore what happens to these materials when they are worn down, destroyed, and aged. My works tends to revolve around themes of exclusion and impermanece, the things that are often neglected. Part of my goal is to highlight the beauty that arises among the destroyed and forgotten, how people and things find a way to exist despite all the contradictions they face.

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